Red Carpet Events: Royal Red Carpets

red carpet with rope barrier

As a subsidiary of WPS Events, Royal Red Carpets, keeps and thinks equally when it comes to quality and execution of its Red Carpet events. It’s all about great service and great quality with a great price to give our clients the overall “Value” for our services.

Royal Red Carpet delivers high quality products and services at accessible prices but we also make sure that we take care of Mother Earth by using Eco Friendly products such as clothed fabrics instead of vinyl (or vinyl if you prefer it) with water based Biodegrade-able ink. Our clients love this because they care about the Environment and by adding our “Green Leaf” logo to your Step N Repeat, it identifies you as a company that supports Eco Friendly service providers. It’s great PR for you and at the same time you’re helping mother earth!

At Royal Red Carpets we take every event serious and with the outmost respect to the vision of our clients. Royal Red Carpets likes to bundle up our services to give you the best possible deal in the market without compromising the vision. Usually about 98% of our services are package and include the Step N Repeat, Graphic Designer, Design, Proofs, Printing, Set Up, Breakdown, Aluminum Frames, Sand Bags and Accessories. No need to worry, you take care of your guest’s and we’ll take care of the set up.

Feel free to take a look at some of our events and let us know if we may be of service.